Q: Are you in all towns?

A: We are currently only in Nairobi and its greater environs with plans to expand to around 10 other Kenyan cities and towns in the near future. Be on the lookout on our pages to find out where we will be expanding to next.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We currently have two solutions that we offer. We have KOKO Cookers which are two burner cookers that use KOKO Fuel (denatured bio-ethanol). KOKO Fuel is available for purchase in small quantities, from as low as 35 bob, and is fast, safe and clean. We also partner with shop owners to install KOKOpoints, making them KOKO Agents.

Q: How much does it go for?

A: The KOKO Cooker Kit currently goes for 4,500/- and it comes with the KOKO Cooker, KOKO Canister and 500/- worth of complimentary KOKO Fuel credit.

Q: How can I buy?

A: Customers have three options to start saving or to pay for the cooker in full. 

1. On our website here https://kokofuel.com/koko-cooker/

2. By visiting a KOKOpoint nearest to you. Search for one here: [ https://kokofuel.com/koko-point/   ] or look for the KOKO blue signs in your neighbourhood. 

3. By downloading myKOKO app here: http://bit.ly/2WdSLH8 

Q: What if I cannot afford to pay for it in full?

A: We have a savings option, which is interest free. Customers can pay for the cooker in small increments of as little as 100 bob through M-PESA by paying to our till Number: 556688. https://kokofuel.com/koko-cooker/

Q: What does it use? 

A: The KOKO Cooker uses KOKO Fuel (denatured bio-ethanol). It comes with a KOKO Canister which is only compatible with the cooker. The canister can be refilled with KOKO Fuel at any of our KOKO Shops.

Q: How does it work?

A: Upon purchase, you will be issued with one KOKO Cooker and one KOKO Canister. Dock the canister on the cooker and refill it with KOKO Fuel  to the advised capacity. You can remove the canister and it will be ready for use. There is also a knob to switch it on/off, and regulate the flame.  

Q: How much is KOKO Fuel?

A: At present we are selling KOKO fuel for 95 bob a liter. Customers can purchase fuel bundles of as little as 30 bob.

Q: How does this compete with other fuels?

A: At present we are selling KOKO fuel for 95 bob a liter. Customers can purchase fuel bundles of as little as 30 bob.

Q: I want to be an agent

A: One of the requirements of becoming an KOKO Agent is having a shop. Kindly SMS ‘AGENT’ on 20531 and we will reach out to you to advise on the other requirements. 

Q: How long does the fuel last when the cooker is full?

A: Cooking behaviors vary among users, we are not able to advise on how long fuel purchased can last. We however assure you that the cooker is efficient, ensuring that you make good use of fuel purchased.

Q: Where are your agents located?

A: You can find your nearest KOKOpoint on our website https://kokofuel.com/find-koko-point/ or you can use google maps and type ‘KOKOpoint near me’  and it will point you to your nearest KOKOpoint agent.

Q: Do your cookers have a warranty?

A: Yes, KOKO has a warranty period of 12 months from the date of purchase of the KOKO Cooker. The Cooker has been designed specifically for the Kenyan market and is very reliable.

Q: How can I contact you? 

A: You can write to us on any of our social media pages; FacebookTwitter , Instagram.  You can also SMS us for free on 20531 or Whatsapp us on 0711900900  

Q: Some other stoves in the market are cheaper

A: The KOKO Cooker is a high-quality 2-burner stove. We believe that no cooker on the market offers better value to customers. KOKO Fuel is cheaper than kerosene and charcoal, so the customer will also save money over time. For only 4500/- you can buy the KOKO Cooker Kit, which includes the 2-burner KOKO Cooker, KOKO Canister and 500/- worth of complimentary KOKO Fuel credit.

Q: Why is KOKO changing the price?

A: Only KOKO with its Smart Fuel Technology prices you the Most Affordable, Most Convenient and Safest 2-burner cooking experience you desire. Now KOKO is making it even more affordable for Kenyans. The new price is effective as of 4th November, 2019

Q: How does it impact me?

A: If you had deposited less than 4,500/- into your KOKO Account, you now only need to to up the remaining balance to receive the KOKO Cooker Kit, including 2-burner cooker, canister and Ksh 500 in fuel credit

A: If you had deposited more than 4,500/- into your KOKO Account, we have automatically processed the purchase of your brand new KOKO Cooker Kit, and it’s ready for you to pick up. The remaining balance in your account can be used for KOKO Fuel.

A: As an existing customer, we will be providing you with extra fuel credit to cover the difference between what you paid and this new price (less any promotions already applied).