Canister Promotion Terms & Conditions.

A KOKO customer can pre-order and pay for an extra canister and get a free 2.3 litre KOKO Fuel refill worth Ksh 189 credited to their KOKO account.


This promotion is:

  • -only redeemable once per customer;
  • -only available to a customer who pre-orders and completes the full payment for a KOKO Canister through KOKO’s call Centre (0800 720 716); and
  • -only available to a customer who:
  • -owns a KOKO Canister registered against their phone number; and
  • -has previously fueled their KOKO Canister at a KOKO Point.


This promotion shall:

  • -begin on 8th May 2023; and
  • -be for a limited period while stock lasts.


  • -Once a pre-order is made and full payment for the KOKO Canister is received and confirmed by KOKO’s call centre (0800 720 716); KOKO will notify the customer that the Canister has been delivered.
  • -KOKO will deliver the pre-ordered, fully paid for Canister to the KOKO Point Agent where the customer last fuelled, for the customer to collect.
  • -The customer is required to present a confirmation message from KOKO in order to collect the Canister from the KOKO Point Agent.

General Terms and Conditions for the Promotion

  • -Only one pre-ordered Canister will be allowed per customer. Multiple pre-orders will not entitle the customer to multiple Canisters.
  • -KOKO will use the customer’s phone number to determine whether a customer has already pre-ordered a Canister.
  • -KOKO reserves the right to cancel or modify the promotion at any time without prior notice.
  • -In the event of unavailability of stock, KOKO reserves the right to provide an alternative item of similar value or refund the Customer as they deem fit.
  • -KOKO shall not be held liable for any disputes arising from the promotion.
  • -By participating in the promotion, customers agree to KOKO’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.